The Diversity Visa Information Center (DV-Program.com) is a global leader in providing information about the US Diversity Visa (DV) Program, as a resource that is available to the millions of individuals and families throughout the world who want the opportunity to move to America by participating in the DV-Program. Our website contains an overview of the DV-Program; details the eligibility requirements for participation; discusses the registration process; summarizes the timeline; explains the procedure for winners of the DV-Lottery; and provides information about the many benefits available to foreign nationals who successfully complete the consular process and are issued a United States Permanent Resident Visa. You can also check the most recent DV-Lottery results to see how many people born in eligible countries were selected as winners.

The Diversity Visa Information Center website allows you to educate yourself about different aspects of the American DV-Program  by reading our various webpages, including the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the DV-Program and immigration to the United States.The Diversity Visa Information Center (DV-Program.com) provides information to people around the world who are interested in participating in the US Diversity Visa (DV) Program for immigration to the United States of America. This information is derived from official US government websites and publications, as well as other credible open sources such as various well-known news media outlets. The Diversity Visa Information Center is not associated in any way with the US Government and offers this information to the public for the purpose of facilitating participation in the DV-Program by eligible applicants around the globe.

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